The Hens

As kids, my mother took us to the local pet store just to "browse". Next thing you know it we are walking out of there with a baby chicken and duck. I couldn't believe my mom bought those, to this day even! The chicken died two days later, but the duck lived for 9 years. His name was Buster and everyone in our neighborhood knew him. We would take him to school for show and tell, take him sledding, skateboarding and he was a super awesome snuggler. 

So I guess you could say I've had the knack for keeping birds around since I was younger. When we purchased our home in 2016, we had plenty of yard space to have chickens. Since the day we brought them home, they have fascinated me. They each have their own very unique personalities, they love fruit and mealworms, and both Sriracha and Fluffy love to snuggle! They are living their best life cruising our yard for bugs, sunbathing, digging holes, and hiding from the California sun!

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