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Pet Portrait Photo Tips

Follow these tips to get that perfect pet photo! I try to follow the photo as closely as possible so the better the photo the better the painting! You don’t need a fancy camera to get a great photo! Cell phones have great cameras now and work great for getting beautiful photos, plus you always have it with you!


Keep it sharp!

The higher the resolution and sharper your image, the more detail I can include in your portrait. Blurry photos are extremely hard to work off of, the fine details get lost. Zooming into the photo is key for me to pick up on the tiny things I love to include in portraits!


Light it up!

Natural light produces some awesome photos! Preferably outside or near a sunny window with the light source in front of your pet. Cloudy days are the best to take photos outside, the sunshine isn’t so extreme. Resist from using that flash on your phone and any artificial light that can create an over exposed image.


Get at their level!

We are all so used to looking down at our fur babies, so get down on their level! I’m not sure about you but for me, getting down on the ground with the dogs is an open invitation for them to play and act goofy so its easier to get some fun shots. Try to get at eye-level or lower.


iPhone camera tips

Try using burst mode by holding down the shutter button. You can do it while your pet is moving and then see all of the photos to select the best one! Check out this link for more info! Click Here!


Here is another great website with some useful tips click here!


Other smart phone tips

I’m surely no expert on android phones so here is an article that can be useful to anyone! Click Here!

Good Dog

Bad Dog

good dog.png
bad dog.png

Great Photo, good detail, light is illuminating the whole face!

Bad Photo! Light is on the side, casting an extreme shadow on the right.

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