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We purchased this 15 acre lot in May of 2019 after searching for a few months and being outbid on other pieces of land in the area. We had drove on the property a few times before purchasing it. The first time we didn't get the feeling that this is where our home would be one day. It wasn't until we got out and walked around, actually visioning where our house would go, when it hit us. This was the place. This is where we will call home one day.

Pronounced MAY - SKI (like a pair of ski's for tearing up those slopes) is a combination of our last names, Mayville and Sielski.

Our hope is to create a home and space that brings our families closer together, a common ground. As busy as our lives are, we always soak in those moments with our friends and family, and are constantly finding things to do together.

Future plans include our home, a workshop for Derrick, a chicken coop & garden shed, a garden big enough for everyone to enjoy, a 1 acre pond, and a possible roadside shop! 

Taking all of this one step at a time and we hope you follow us along in the process!

mayski acres
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