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House Portrait Photo Tips

Houses all face different ways and there’s a different way for everyone to capture a great photo. The sun can cast shadows depending on which way a house is facing and what time of day it is. Take several photos at different times and pick which works best for you!


Level it up

Try to hold your camera horizontal and level.


The Sun

Mid day is typically the worst time to get a photo because the sun is directly above and causes harsh shadows, this typically happens around noon. Try to stick with early morning or evening when the light on the house will be softest! Experiment and try both to see which is better for your situation. Sunsets can really make some exteriors come alive!


The Clouds

Cloudy days are good, but sunny days are better! The overcast can diffuse the sun which removes shadows and gives a more evenly lit effect. The sun will brighten up the facade so that I can see more detail! If you didn’t know I’m all about those details!

Great Photos

house 1.png
house 2.png

Awesome photo! Perfect light to see the details, even some fun color from the fall leaves!

Great sunset photo! Cotton candy skies, lights are helping to illuminate the front of the house! 

Bad Photos


Not only is this a hard angle due to the landscaping around the house, but the sun is so bright that it casts extreme shadows that make the details hard to see.


Late evening can also create a bad photo. There isn't enough light here to illuminate the front of the home. 

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