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vibe designs llc

I have been practicing architecture since 2013. After graduating Eastern Michigan University with an Interior Design degree, I moved to Sacramento, California. I worked for a larger commercial architecture firm focusing on commercial remodels for about 4 years. I then began to work on custom residential homes, and several different project types in the cannabis field including manufacturing, distribution, cultivation and retail stores. Although my degree is in Interior Design, my primary focus is Architecture. If you'd like to see some of my past projects, click on the photos below!

The house we are having built is one I've designed myself and have been documenting the process as we go. It is a simple ranch style home in Belleville, Michigan.  If you want to see more about that click here!

Services I provide to both residential and commercial clients:

  • Architectural Design and Drafting Services 

  • Architectural Field Surveys 

  • Interior Design Services

If any of these are looking good to you please contact me so we can get in touch!

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